Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Toward a Safer Scala at ScalaDays 2015

I presented an updated version of my survey of static analysis tools for Scala at ScalaDays 2015 in San Francisco. The video is available for free. My slides are here.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Setting up a fresh OS X

Note to self: here are the steps you need to set up a new OS X instance
  1. In the Keyboard Settings map the modifier keys correctly for an external keyboard. Set capslock to no action for internal and external.
  2. In the Trackpad settings turn off gestures one by one. Turn on right corner click for secondary.
  3. Install Seil for caps lock as escape
  4. Install Karabiner for fn as control and higher key repeat rate
  5. Install iterm
  6. Install homebrew
  7. Install xcode
  8. Install coreutils, sed, find, vim from homebrew
  9. Ensure the gnubin dir is in your path in front of all the busted BSD versions of CLI utils. You can do that by editing /etc/paths.  Something like the following is pretty nice:

  10. Symlink the GNU version sed and find from the gnubin dir so they're also ahread of BSD
  11. Setup dotfiles. Remember to symlink the hostname to the macosx in .bashrc.local
  12. Install MacVim
  13. Disable space rearranging.
  14. Disable window animations

Friday, January 16, 2015


Toward a Safer Scala

I presented a survey of static analysis tools at PNW Scala 2014. Video of the "Toward a Safer Scala" presentation is available. If you'd rather get to the meat of the matter, slides have been posted, too. I also created a github repo with a skeleton sbt project containing the static analysis tools I recommended

Kudos to Confreaks for recording the audio quite clearly, including audience questions. Many thanks to Thomas Lockney for the thankless task of organizing PNW Scala.

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