Monday, March 13, 2006


In Summary

While I eagerly await the arrival of my new toy, here's a quick summary of an earlier post. The Toronto Star ran a glowing review of the Prius featuring some nice quotes.
  • That it manages to be more economical than most cars could simply be seen as icing on the cake, rather than its major selling point.
  • ...a really clever little car, and one you can derive a lot of joy from driving...
  • Thanks to the hatchback design, this hybrid is also more versatile than your average sedan...
  • And the ergonomics are at once very clever and refreshingly simple
  • ...the experience is totally Jetsons...
  • ...very few cars on the road are quite as neat to drive as the Prius
  • Indeed, in a lot of ways, even if you took the hybrid drivetrain out, it would still be a pretty innovative vehicle, with its distinctive aerodynamic styling, impressively roomy packaging, a versatile, nicely finished interior and some interesting ergonomic touches.
So, the Star liked the car. Better still is that Consumer Reports found that owning and operating a Prius is hundreds of dollars cheaper than a Corolla, which, while a competent car, is noticably inferior to the rightfully touted Prius.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Don't Take Their Word for It

A chap recently put to test Chase Bank's claim that "If you receive financial solicitations that you’re not interested in, tear them up before throwing them away, so thieves can’t use them to assume your identity." After receiving a credit card offer from that bank, he tore up the application, taped it back together, filled it out with a new address and phone number, as any good identity theif would, and sent it off. A few weeks later, his alternate persona recieved a shiny new $5,000 credit limit.

Maybe I should buy a shredder.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Putting the 'Lows' in Fellowship

I don't think I can explain on how many levels I think a drive in church is wrong.

Monday, March 06, 2006


And Now for Something Completely Different

I don't often say nice things about the President's policies. However, I think his recently proposed line-item veto is a good idea. While the tool could be used for political reasons, such as only canceling appropriations to the district represented by an opposing congressman, hopefully it can also be used to allow the President to demonstrate fiscal conservatism to which he purportedly adheres, canceling undue budgetary earmarks as did the previous President until the proposal's predecessor was purloined by the Supreme Court.

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