Thursday, May 25, 2006


Quote o' the Day

From Paul Graham's How to Be Silicon Valley:
What nerds like is the kind of town where people walk around smiling. This excludes LA, where no one walks at all, and also New York, where people walk, but not smiling. When I was in grad school in Boston, a friend came to visit from New York. On the subway back from the airport she asked "Why is everyone smiling?" I looked and they weren't smiling. They just looked like they were compared to the facial expressions she was used to.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Letter to my Congresscritters on Internet Neutrality

I'm often in favor of market driven solutions rather than regulation. However, I think that the Internet needs to be neutral in order to remain "The Internet". The very purpose of the Internet was to connect disparate networks. Allowing network providers to charge either side of the connection for access to a specific outside network breaks the spirit and nature of the Internet. Allowing a network provider to intentionally degrade or "not favor" a connection between two end points puts ISPs in the position of censor. Please vote for enforceable network neutrality. Montana needs network neutrality more than most places because of our low population density. Many Montanans do not and will not have a choice of multiple providers; consequently, many of us will not have the option of using another service provider if ours degrades or blocks access to a much used site or service.
Write your congresscritters.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Quote o' the Day

From A Look at the Economics Behind the World's Oldest Profession:
Developing the consequences of their mathematical model, Edlund and Korn argue that the primary reason for the income differential is not the risk sometimes associated with the practice of prostitution but rather that prostitutes greatly diminish their chances for marriage by virtue of their occupation.
The author was using virtue, defined as "chastity, especially in a woman," ironically, right? Please, tell me that was intentional and not a careless cliche.

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