Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Quote o' the Day

In a recent episode of Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs, host Mike Rowe assisted the "snake lady", a herpetologist who collects and studies the endangered Lake Erie Water Snake. The episode was quite outstanding, as an untrained TV personality wrangled 5 foot long snakes out from under rocks. Naturally, he was bitten repeatedly, causing him to bleed profusely and drop to his knees wincing in pain. Fortunately, the snakes weren't poisonous, but his fear and discomfort were quite real with him saying that he wanted to quit early in the day, a first as far as I know.

In the show's outtakes, which played as the credits rolled, the following exchange played out:

Rowe: I have a stupid question.

Snake Lady: There are no stupid questions.

Rowe: I have a book of stupid questions.

Snake Lady: (Sweetly.) What's that: your diary?


funny convo
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